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A Primer on Mindfulness for the Classroom and Home

I'm sitting here looking at the lake on a beautiful, albeit chilly, October morning. It is active outside. The wind is gusting. The lake is nearly blinding as it glitters and dances, reflecting the bright sunlight. The leaves are just turning from green to gold, joining in the wind's wild dance.

My summer flew by. It was busy and filled with the making of new memories. Maybe I'll sit down and write about them sometime. Sweet explorations at the lake. Moving a boulder named Chelsea on Elena and Ginette's undeveloped land. Crazy silliness in Florida with our extended family including having to come out of the water because of sharks

. Adventures and blisters in Italy. There was laughter, frustration, and moments of touching the divine.

Now, it back to work. Oh, and moving. That is finally happening in the beginning of November. Between now and then, I am launching my first YouTube videos. Next weekend, I am presenting at The Teachers Self-Care Conference in Philadelphia. I am excited and a bit overwhelmed about all of it. Such is life.

Here is the link to my article on the why of mindfulness for kids in the classrooms and at home. This was one of my big projects this summer. I found writing it much harder than I expected and more satisfying, also. It helped define even more clearly why this work is my passion and my purpose.

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