In 2012, Lee-Ann left the classroom to write her book, Angels in My Classroom: How Second Graders Saved My Life. She now works teaching children and adults mindfulness as well supporting children's academic skills.  Lee-Ann feels she was pushed, fighting and screaming into writing by the Universe.  She has found she loves putting her stories down on paper.  Her friends and family are relieved as it shuts her up for long periods of time.​

     Since leaving the classroom, she has taught mindfulness to low income students through a study through the Erikson Institute. She had the privledge to teach an entire school, grades K through 8, to meditate and use mindfulness strategies to reduce stress and anxiety. Using Responsive Classroom and Calm Classroom strategies, she works with families and teachers to incorporate mindfulness into their children's lives.

     Lee-Ann is a Usui Reiki master and admits to being a little mystic—even psychic at times. Her kids are now grown and mostly settled. She has three marvelous grandsons. Life is good. 


     Lee-Ann is a teacher with many years experience. She taught second grade in a northwest side Chicago Public School for thirteen years.  She has the gift of letting each child be a unique individual.  Funny, dynamic and independent thinking. She is a teacher her students will never forget. 


     Lee-Ann's life experience has created her belief that hope emerges from the darkness. After 20 years of marriage, her funny, kind, and smart husband died of cancer. She became something she had never anticipated, a single mom of two teenagers. She felt as if all the laughter had left her life. She became emotionally homeless.


      Her students became her outlet. Lee-Ann has an intuitive understanding of how kids think and work. Her gift is to be able to find what makes a child tick and  uses that understanding to help them grow academically and emotionally.

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