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Message from Lee-Ann:

What does a successful child mean to you? 


To me it means they are independent with resources that help them tackle what life brings, either academically or socially.


Children get stressed, worried and anxious just like adults. Teaching mindfulness and meditation strategies give children lifelong tools to help cope with overwhelming feelings.



My training is beneficial to all children, those at risk, who are ADHD, autistic, or just a "typical" kiddo.

There are many simple and fun strategies that  reduce stress, increase focus, increase creativity, provide a sense of purpose, and increase gratitude and compassion. By building a mindful practice, children and their adults gain a better perspective and balance.


Lee-Ann Meredith is a joyful and passionate teacherpreneur. She has been a mindfulness practioner for more than 25 years.


Lee-Ann is the author of Angels in My Classroom: How Second Graders Saved My Life. Her articles and blogs have appeared in several periodicals including The Washington Post, and The Educator’s Room e-magazine.

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