Lee-Ann’s workshops will make a difference to your family life. They address the problems many families face in a fun and thoughtful way. Her humor and wisdom are embedded into each workshop. Her experience as a teacher will help you find clarity and balance and answer the question “Am I doing this right?”

Workshops all have mindfulness as their theme but each one is chock-full of different strategies to easily add to your family's life. Pricing is $37 for a one and one-half hour workshop. SAVE $25 by buying all six for $197.

Live or online workshops will be capped at 15 people so Lee-Ann can address the individual concerns of parents and families.

A 30 day, no-questions asked full refund if you are unsatisfied after the completion of any class or workshop. You must attend the workshop to receive the refund.

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Becoming a Mindful Parent


Do you crave balance? Do you desire ways to stop the yelling and guilt? This ninety-minute workshop will teach you mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you let go of worry, and step away from being frustrated beyond belief. Lee-Ann will guide you through several simple mini self-help strategies to put in your parenting tool belt. You will learn to refocus on what is important and help find the energy to enjoy your child.

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Beyond Time Out

​Have you struggled with the idea of "time out?"


Many families do. Learn the strategies to create alternatives that feels more positive and less punitive. Build fun ways to break your child’s bad choices without becoming a push-over.

Creating Spiritual Kids


Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Do you wonder how can you instill that same connection within your child? Are you curious how to make your child more reflective and calm?


In this ninety-minute workshop Lee-Ann will share mindful strategies and activities to help your child develop their own spiritual path. In addition, it will help you build more patience with your own spiritual journey.

Family Super Heroes

​Does your child hit the anxiety button with the speed of light? Do you crave some play time with your child that doesn’t involve a screen? Learn to use a superpower. Families can use mindfulness strategies to react wisely to stress and frustration. This fun family workshop teaches techniques and activities to practice mindfulness so that when the need for a hero arises, you are ready to meet the challenge. 

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Less-Frustration Station

The non-stop sibling fights? The going from “Listen to me” to screaming in the snap of your fingers? The noise is, literally and in your head, non-stop? Do you have a strong desire to drink your coffee while it is still hot? Then there is the day you realize that your child is copying your own behavior.

If your body and soul are frustrated and you just want a way to do anything that make you, personally, happy, this ninety-minute workshop is what you need. When you begin to take your child’s behavior personally, Lee-Ann will teach you quick and easy techniques to help you adjust your reaction to family turmoil calmly and without the guilt of yelling.

Calm and Fulfilled Kids

Parents concerns often fall into two categories--

Do you wonder how your child became a monster who needs to be perfect? Do you wonder what is too much stress?

Or do you wonder how to help your child become settle down and be more engaged?

Do you want them to enjoy learning without falling behind? How can you help them focus? What can you do to let them know failure is okay sometimes? This workshop uses Lee-Ann’s years as a classroom teacher to help you determine what is too much stress, and ways to motivate your child to take charge of their own reaction to learning.


July 20, 2020     Becoming a Mindful Parent

Aug. 3, 2020      Beyond Time Out

Aug. 17, 2020    Less Frustration Station

Aug. 31, 2020    Family Super Heroes

Sept. 14, 2020   Raising Spiritual Kids

Sept. 28, 2020   Calm and Fulfilled Kids

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