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Parenting just went from hard to harder. We went from running everywhere to being with our kids 24/7. Homeschooling while you're try to work - yeah, that's not happening or at least not the way you'd like.


There is no time for self care.

The yelling has become real.

No more date nights.

No more sip and paints.

The screen has become your baby sitter.

The cycle never ends.


Mindfulness Mentoring

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Struggling with behavior?

Would clarity be nice?

Parenting can throw you a curve ball and then all you do is play catch-up. Let Lee-Ann use her years of work with families and children to help you and your child develop techniques to work out issues and build family communication. She will guide you to create a custom fit of mindful strategies to navigate triggers and maintain balance.

Contact Lee-Ann to schedule a meeting or for more information.


Lee-Ann’s workshops will make a difference to your family life. They address the problems many families face in a fun and thoughtful way. Her humor and wisdom are embedded into each workshop. Her experience as a teacher will help you find clarity and balance and answer the question “Am I doing this right?”

Workshops all have mindfulness as their theme but Lee-Ann will fine tune it to your groups needs.

A 30 day, no-questions asked full refund if you are unsatisfied after the completion of any class or workshop.

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