When your class trusts you, they'll be willing to take risks.

You accomplish this by being intentionally mindful.

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Setting Boundaries for Yourself in the Classroom
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Bringing in the Calm

Do you want a PD that helps teachers spend less time on management and more time on teaching?

A workshop that is interesting, informative, and fun?

One that helps your teachers find ways to manage stress and gives your students an aptitude for coping with what life brings them?


Bringing in the Calm is filled with sustainable strategies that are easy to implement starting tomorrow.


This workshop will have your teachers on their feet, trying new ideas, and laughing while they learn quick and hands-on techniques that benefit both the students’ and teachers’ ability to handle stress, settle energy, and become more focused. It adds career-long tools to a teacher’s management tool box.


Best of all, it gives teachers the ability to bring these valuable mindfulness gifts to their students, teaching them to be less reactive and more settled during times of stress and worry.  


Designed by an experienced classroom teacher, Bringing in the Calm is based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction studies. Bringing in the Calm uses engaging and fun techniques to help the classroom culture shift from “Calm Down!” to “Let’s Go!”


Scientific evidence has shown numerous benefits to mindfulness for adults and children:


*Decreases Stress 

*Reduces Anxiety & Fear 

*Increases Focus & Clarity

*Increases Compassion

*Helps Interpersonal Interactions

*Fights Depression

*Increases Creativity

*Benefits Cognitive Growth

*Settles Energy


Lee-Ann Meredith can bring a one-day Bringing in the Calm workshop to train your staff in numerous mindfulness techniques for a variety of needs within your classrooms and show you how to implement them in a systematic way. She can also follow this with up to two additional school visits to fine tune the needs of each classroom.