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Lake Lessons: Nature + Mindfulness = Joy

Lake Lessons

I have been crazy busy, heads down, writing a new book titled

Lake Lessons: Nature + Mindfulness = Joy.

It was such an astonishing experience. Unlike my first book, that knew for a while that it needed to be written, this one just percolated to the top and boiled over. One night, my friend Meredith Newlin, suggested that I could write my next book. The next morning by 6 a.m. I was up writing.

I knew that it would be called Lake Lessons. I knew that part of it would be from blogs I had written. For about two weeks, I wrote from early morning until about ten at night. I could probably gone longer but I was exhausted. My muse, Smarty Star, kicked into high gear and I could not focus on a single other thing. I forced myself to stop to load the dishwasher when I was out of plates.

I hope you love the result. I’ll let you know when and where it will be available. I can’t wait.

Other stuff I’ve been doing before the mad book writing adventure.

Mindful Mondays:

Every other Monday evening I am offering FREE mindfulness workshops for parents and teachers and teachers who are parents. I teach simple and quick techniques that you can use for home or school. They are good for your own soul as well as giving the mindfulness tools to your kiddos.

The next one is April 12 at 8:30 p.m. This week’s topic is on bedtime routines that calm kids down. Your kids can join us. Jammies aren’t required but, heck, why not?

Mindful Mentoring for Families.

I would love to talk to you about ways to incorporate mindfulness techniques in your home. I offer a free 45 minute session to help you with rough patches in your day as a mom or dad. Just email me and we can schedule a time.

I also have workshops available to parenting groups.

Joyfully Bringing the Calm to your Classroom.

Incorporating mindfulness and other social emotional techniques don’t need to take time away from your teaching. It is more about the classroom environment, adjusting how you react, and rethinking transitions. As a veteran teacher, I can show your teachers how to make small tweaks in your day to help your class settle and focus while increasing teachers’ own well-being. It can create a more joy-filled classroom. Visit my website to learn more.

Now, since I’m in Iowa, I’m going back down to play with twin babies on the bring of crawling. Or some other form of joy with the rest of the grandsons.

All my love,


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