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You are amazing!


Hooray! You’re signed up for the You Are Wise Mindfulness Challenge!


Here is what you’ll come away with after the challenge:


Day 1: Learn to use a simple calming breath to help you listen to your heart.

Day 2: Discover ways to release tension.

Day 3:  A fun eating challenge to increase focus.

Day 4: Joyful techniques to bring back your energy

Day 5: How to begin building you own mindfulness toolbox.


Are you ready to find your inner wisdom?

Your first training will arrive in your inbox on Monday, November 15!

Make sure you join the Free YOU ARE WISE! Facebook Group!

We can share successes, frustrations, and I’ll be there to answer your questions.


I can’t wait!

I’m so impressed by your desire to make you and your children's  lives better by learning ways to be calmer.

I’m know you will enjoy adding mindfulness techniques that can become a part of your busy and chaotic world. Remember to breathe and have fun along the way.

Meanwhile, I’ll send you each daily challenge beginning on Monday, November 15, 2021.

With love and joy,


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