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Movement and Patience

It isn’t that I haven’t written anything in ages, although it has been less than I would like. There was a long article on the benefits of mindfulness for kids. There were some shorter blog posts. Still, I think of what to say to you dozens of times a day, start posts, and then get distracted.

2019 was a year of transcending distractions. It was filled with waiting followed by rapid movement and growth. I did a far amount of traveling – mostly consisting of going to hot places in hot weather. I learned I love being in a different spot but getting there often requires lots of patience. There were Jackie and Connor’s wedding in Houston in July, a family trip to Florida in August to spend time with my 97 year old father-in-law, and beautiful Italy in early September. Each trip added to my understanding of myself, granted gifts to my soul, and filled my head with indelible memories. Laughter filled an evening in the hotel swimming pool in Houston with my sisters that got sillier as the night went on. I spent time with Mark’s family that brought the realization that I am their sister even though Mark has been gone 17 years. – such a gift! I accidentally stumbled about a procession into Florence celebrating The Blessed Virgin, which left me sobbing with joy. I’m still processing that one.

In November, my condo in Evanston finally sold after a year on the market. That was truly a practice in patience and housekeeping. I’m back in Chicago. My desk looks out of a large window filling me with sunshiny light. I feel at home regardless of all the still scattered boxes and the myriad of home improvement projects to complete.

I filmed nine YouTube videos on mindfulness in the classroom. It was a sharp learning curve. I got the idea from another tutor I met at our annual party in February. He said he wished he could see how to do techniques rather than just read them. It clicked. I'm a visual learner myself. Ideas are grand but making them happen can be hard. It was a sharp learning curve and, of course, took so much longer than I anticipated. Still I managed to release my first one before the year ended. I owe much gratitude to my "team."

My dear “building and loan” partner, Sue aka Lourdes, did the filming. It included wardrobe changes, outtakes, head shaking, and much hilarity. We would forget to turn on the camera lights. Buddy the dog would knock stuff over in another room. And I became tongue tied more times than I care to admit. I'm so grateful for Sue (and her husband Pat). We met years ago at our kids' school, co-parented our offspring, laughed and cried together, and threw birthday parties for our boys who were born exactly a year apart. Today, we own our beautiful cottage on the lake together. Somehow it seems appropriate that she has helped me in showing my passion to the world.

Betsy, my marvelous daughter-in-law, who never “checks” me, created whimsical backgrounds. I adore her.

Joe, my co-worker and friend, used his talents to edit and put all the pieces together. He kept me from looking like a total fool. I expect he learned more than he ever wanted to know about “erasing” the green screen bleed from my white hair.

Thank you to the three of you for your inspiration, patience, and helping share my dream.

I hope this new year, already a few weeks old, brings you much joy and laughter.

All my love,


Here is the link to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and share your favorite videos with your friends.

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