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What does a successful child mean to you? 

To Lee-Ann it means a child:


Who is able to be independent,

Who can use their inner resources to tackle what life brings their way - either academically or emotionally.


More importantly, they can do this with a sense of joy.


Her skills in developing restorative breathing and mindfulness skills have supported a positive school culture.

Chicago Public School  principal



Lee Ann has worked with my 7th grade students on meditation and they have truly enjoyed the experience.  They know the "shark fin" method as a way to bring themselves back to center.  Even my student athletes used this method to focus and calm themselves. Lee Ann understands children from her years of teaching and this practice is one more benefit that she can share with others.

Maggie Laqui. 7th grade teacher



Lee-Ann taught my students different easy to remember techniques to calm down. My students learned quickly to implement these techniques in the classroom throughout the day. It helped them balance and reset their brain and body. I enjoyed when my students said can we meditate or I need a breathing break.

Sonia Zammaron 1st grade teacher



Her mindfulness lessons and teachings have helped me as a teacher and as a parent as I see the children around me gaining an awareness of how to manage strong feelings and emotions. Her strengths and leadership has positively shaped how I manage the class and find joy in our learning space!

Megan Lynd Meier, Kindergarten Teacher


Lee-Ann connects with kids exactly where they are and instantly puts them at ease. She is able to share Mindfulness and relaxation techniques in a down to Earth way and with humor. Her work as a Reiki Master gives her the foundation to understand the healing benefits of these techniques and her warmth and heart ensures that she can translate the esoteric into everyday tools for families. She has supported me and my children for years and I cannot recommend her services enough.

Jenny Barron Fishman, LMT, E-RYT  Owner, Sweet Pea’s Studio



When I learned to calmly meditate in Ms. Meredith’s class, I felt good because I had strategies to calm me down when I felt mad.

Third grade student



This past school year was like no other I had experienced. The children and I needed help! Fortunately, Lee-Ann Meredith taught my children to do some simple mindfulness and relaxation exercises. I was so grateful to join my class in these exercises. It was the strategy we needed! Our class really benefited from Lee-Ann's help throughout the year. I wish every teacher could benefit from Lee-Ann's wisdom and help!

Penny Shultz 2nd grade teacher


My kids have taught me several strategies they have learned to become more calm, more aware, and more focused.  Seeing children use these techniques individually, without prompting, to gain control and focus is powerful.

 Samantha, mother of three boys

When your class trusts you,

they'll be willing to take risks.

You accomplish this by being

intentionally mindful.

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