Becoming a Mindful Parent


Suddenly, you have this bundle of joy in your life.

This two hour workshop will teach you mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you let go of worry, and step away from being overwhelmed. Lee-Ann will guide you through several simple strategies to put in your parenting tool belt. It will help you refocus on what is important and help reenergize you so you can enjoy that sweet baby.

Grandparent Mindfulness Group


Grandchildren are such a gift to our lives. What are ways you can enhance your time together? Learn mindfulness strategies to be more attentive, share your knowledge, and be present in the moment. These 90 minute workshops will cover the concept and benefits of mindfulness, as well as many ways to incorporate a variety of techniques into your and your grandchild’s lives.

Beyond Time Out

Have you struggled with the idea of "time out?" Many families do. Learn the strategies to create an alternative that feels more positive and less punitive.



Family Super Heroes

Learn to use a superpower. Families can use mindfulness strategies to react wisely to stress and frustration. This fun family workshop teaches techniques and activities to practice mindfulness so that when the need for a hero arises, you are ready to meet the challenge.

No capes required.

Creating Spiritual Kids


Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? How can you instill that same connection within your child? In this workshop Lee-Ann will share strategies and activities to help your child develop their own spiritual path.

Family Coaching


Struggling with behavior? Let Lee-Ann use her years of work with families and children to help you and your child develop techniques to work out issues. She will help you create a custom fit to navigate triggers and maintain balance.

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